I Love Blogging!

This unit in school has helped me a lot.  I am now almost a professional blogger.  It has helped me in ELA a lot.  It has helped me be more expressive and has improved my vocabulary.


I think that blogging should be use more often in school.  It is very educational and helps in the real world with your oral language.  Even adults could learn something new by following bloggers that talk about things you like.  You can even start blogging your self.  Just go to wordpress.  There are lots of different blogging sites, but this is the one I use.  Here is a step by step video on how to start a blog, enjoy!



The thing I found the hardest about blogging is the slow internet at our school.  When ever I was searching up pictures or websites it would take a long time to load.  And that isn’t the only thing wrong with the internet at our school.  The school board has blocked certain peoples YouTube and they accidentally blocked mine.  So I don’t have a lot of YouTube videos in my blog.

internet block

In the end I have loved Blogging and commenting on others blogs.  I would love some feed back so comment above.  Thank you for your support and input.





What is a Life Guard?

Why Be a Lifeguard?

People might ask why be a lifeguard.  I think that life guarding is fun and it feels good to be in charge and to save people. Being in charge is hard and the fact that you saved or couldn’t save that person that was going to die without you help, but in the end it fells good to help someone out.

 Lifesaver 8.5x11.pmd

 How to become a lifeguard in Canada3-3-5_Lifeguarding

Step one: complete all of the swimming lesions (1-10)

Step two: register in the assistant lifeguard course

Step three: take your first aid course

Step four: from here you can take two different paths of action.  You could become a lifeguard and/or a water safety instructor.  So far I have completed the assistant lifeguard course and I am waiting to be 15 to take my lifeguard and water safety instructor courses.

Make sure you check out the cool video on the lifeguard link! logo of red cross

About lifeguarding

Some people think that lifeguards just sit up in the chair and look board.  But that is not true.  Lifeguards are certified in first aid and have all of the training to save any person drowning in the water.  They are very important to the pool side.  They prevent over 100 incidence on a busy week.  Without lifeguards a lot of people swimming would drown.

Drowning statistics    

 The best scientific evidence available on the internet has taught me that 1.2 million people around the world die by drowning every year, that is more than two persons per minute!  From that more than 50 percent are children.  without lifeguards that number is said would double!!

For more drowning statistics I have found a good website.

So now you know all about lifeguarding.  Keep on swimming!!

Feed back is helpful for my next blog. 670px-Save-an-Active-Drowning-Victim-Step-19-Version-2Comment bellow and see you next time! 🙂

Who am I?

My actual name is Elias.  I am in grade 8 and am 14 years old.  I have two brothers and one sister.  I am the oldest child in my family.  I live in Canada in my igloo with my pet polar bear.  (LOL, I don’t live in an igloo and I don’t have a polar bear)  I live with my Mom and Dad.  I enjoy Lego, reading, and swimming.  I am trying to become a lifeguard so I can save people as well as be in my favorite building.


You have GOT to check this out!!  Hilarious polar bears and penguins!!!



I learn the best in many different ways.  One of those ways is mathematical/logical.  I like finding patterns in different questions to help me solve other questions.  I also learn verbally.  I like to have a long discussion on a variety of topics.  I also learn mechanically.  I love to build and get my hands dirty.   I prefer to work alone,  but I enjoy helping my peers with their questions.  One of my many learning experiences was with my Dad and Grandpa.  I was helping out on my Grandpas farm and Grandpa was out in the field.  He needed my Dad and I to come out with the grain truck.  so we went out to the field.  Grandpa asked if I would like to learn how to drive the combine.  I said yes and I learned how to drive it in only 10 minutes with only a couple of pointers from Grandpa.

combine needs a drink

Have you ever been asked, “What do you think about this online learning?”  I have and in this blog I’m going to give my opinion on the topic.  I believe that online learning and blogging should be put into curriculums around the world.  Did you know that back when there were no computers, it took about ten years to double the knowledge that they had in books and in their heads.  Today it only takes 1-2 years for the world to double its knowledge!  Ten years!! And think of all of the things we could learn in just one year if we had online learning!

If we could do more online work, we would be saving the environment as well.  If we put more and more on the internet, less and less trees would be cut down for our paper, pencils, and all of the other school materials.  Everybody is getting more afraid of global warming.  We wouldn’t have this problem of pollution if we would quite cutting down trees for simple materials such as a piece of paper so that one kid could scratch on it and eventually throw it away!  I guess what I am trying to say is: why are we ignoring all of the information in the world for a piece of paper?

What do you think?

stop cutting down trees





Why Swim?

Swimming is a huge health helper.  Swimming builds longer, leaner muscles if practised enough times and with the right form.  A heated pool relaxes muscles, increasing flexibility and enabling important stretching.  Swimming develops core body strength because it utilizes all the body’s muscles simultaneously.   I think that everyone needs to swimming at lest once a week if not more for a better muscle build.

Australian S12 swimmer Jeff Hardy swims freestyle at the 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games

Why swimming is better that running